5 Things You Ought To Know About GIGA Neon Signs

Neon signs are always attractive whether you put in inside your home a decor or as in your business establishment's entrance to attract attention. There are lots of things to love about neon signs and while most people are already aware how they work, there's a lot of things that you probably don't know about a neon sign.

Since you only see the finished product, you're not yet aware how it's made. Neon signs have electrodes attached on each end and these electrodes are filled with argon gas or neon. Electrodes are responsible for the neon signs' colourful designs. Aside from electrodes, there are other fun facts about neon signs you need to know.

1. GIGA Neon Signs are 100% Handmade


All those bright colours and creative designs are all handmade. Yep, you heard it right. Neon signs are 100% handmade. Creating neon signs is the kind of work that requires experience, eye-hand coordination and precision. You'll need to bend glass tubes based on the requested design and without a pair of skilled hands, there's a tendency you'll crack or break the glass. Neon signs may different in colour and shape, but the process of creating them remains the same.

2. Neon Signs are Bended

As mentioned earlier, neon signs require great precision and should be painstakingly made to achieve the correct design. All neon signs start ou as a straight line. with the help of intense heat and neon tubes, expert hands bring neon signs to life. There are methodical motions and timing required to perfect the process. The section of glass tubing needs to be bent to achieve proper specification. If you want something special and unique, it's necessary for a neon sign maker to be both skilled and creative.

3. A French Engineer Invented Neon Light

Georges Claude was the man behind neon lighting. He invented it around 1902. He also owned an air liquefaction company and he was the first person to pass an electrical current with the use of neon gas in a sealed tube. This process caused a chain reaction that caused reddish-orange light to appear. Through scientific advancements and some tweaks, neon discharge tubes are now for sales to general consumers.

4. Neon Signs are Bright at Night and even during Daytime

During the production process, neon signs has an energetic transfer of energy that can be compared to a game of bowling where electrical currents trigger inert gas atoms with electrons causing atoms to be knocked out of their orbits. Once electrons collide with other free electrons, they're sent back toward the atoms. These electrons are absorbed into the atom and gives off energy.

5. Neon Light is Vulnerable To Fog

Neon signs won't function well if they're cut through fog. While neon lights are installed in airports and other areas that need to be well lit, they're work bet for fun or advertising.

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