Animal Neon Signs Are Naturally Adorable

Remember the day you bought your first fluffball? For sure, your face was beaming with excitement. It was your first time to own a pet and it's indeed an ecstatic feeling. As a pet owner, we all have our own ways to express our love to our pets. Tangible or not, our pets know if we reciprocate the love they show to us.

In most cases, bringing them chew toys or any form of gifts is common gesture, but did you know you can also create an animal neon sign as a way of paying tribute to their kindness and loyalty?

Giga Neon has a wide range of designs that will let your pet's personality stand out. There are lots of designs to choose from. Let's have a look:


Do you own a cute poodle? It's about time you install a neon sign that will remind you of their awesomeness. With this pink poodle design, you'll sure to wake up to a beautiful and bright morning. 


If you can't just get enough of your pet Corgi, then you need to install a Corgi neon sign. We understand if you're obsessing about them because why not? They're lovable, without a doubt. 


Sweet and cuddly, Dachshunds are  also fun to have. They're also much cuter if you take a design inspiration from these gorgeous furball. Whatever neon sign you have in mind Giga Neon will deliver. 

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