Common Myths About Neon Signs Debunked

Neon signs are far better than ordinary signs because of their ability to capture people's attention. Their benefits are also endless, from providing higher visibility to boosting your brand, it's undeniable that neon signs give you great value for money. While they are increasingly popular, some businesses are still doubtful of installing neon signs. Here are the common misconceptions about neon signs that we'll clear up.

Neon Signs Are Not Environment Friendly

One of the things that stop businesses from installing neon signs is the harm they pose to the environment. Without sufficient knowledge, many will think that neon signs contain toxic element that can cause irreparable ecological damage. The truth is, neon signs are made of recyclable, eco-friendly materials. Even the glass and gas won't cause any harm to the environment. In fact, neon signs are energy-efficient. The energy it utilizes is less than 100 watts.

LED Signage Is Better Than Neon Signs

While some people prefer LED signage because it's brighter, neon signs can be viewed at any angle, making them a practical choice for businesses and even at home. Neon signs come in various colours and flexible shapes. LED signage in the long run, when it's no longer as bright as it used to, needs to be replaced.

Neon Signs Can Be A Health Hazard

Unlike LED signage, neon signs are stylish, colourful and unique. While neon signs contain gasses, they're not made of toxic chemicals that can be harmful to one's health. Neon signs contain argon gas and neon gas that are found in the air we breathe. These gasses are not toxic to the human body.

Neon Signs Have Electrical Shocks

Another concern about using neon signs is that it has electrical shocks that can threaten anyone's safety. Modern neon signs are safe because manufacturers are following safety regulations to make sure that all products are compliant with the law.

For many years, businesses have been using neon signs to gain more customers. Clearly, neon signs are a great investment and its popularity only proves that the misconceptions surrounding them have been cleared up.

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