Cool And Unique Emojis Neon Signs For Your Home And Business

Can you still remember the days when emojis came to existence? It was pure bliss. It paved the way for technology enthusiasts to express themselves minus the words. Chats have now become more meaningful because of emojis. You can say whatever you want because these emojis will send the message across.

Now, emojis can't only be seen in chats or posts, but on neon signs as well. Yep, they're that popular. Now if you want to add spice to your living or commercial space, all you have to do is to add emojis.

There's no doubt that it's indeed the golden age of neon signs. They're more than just a piece of custom art, they're your brand's voice.

GIGA NEON is an expert at emojis neon signs. There are two backboard shapes for you to choose from. You can either choose cut to shape or whole board. When it comes to installation, there are also 3 kits to choose from: wall mounting kit, hanging kit, or no install kit.

We also mentioned in our previous post that neon signs can be used indoors and outdoors. This option is also available on emojis neon signs. When you order a neon sign package, it will include screws and transformer.

What we love about emojis neon sign:

It's a perfect home and business accessory.

Don't like an empty space? Does it feel like your living or commercial space is missing something? It could be the neon sign. If you're looking for a perfect home accessory, GIGA NEON can guarantee an attractive neon sign with splash of vibrant colour and of course, personalised touch.

It's ideal for living room, kid's room, etc.

Neon signs may be originally intended for advertising your business, but neon signs providers have kicked things up a notch by making neon signs intended for your living room, kitchen, kid's room and so much more.

It's eco-friendly.

The 21st century has been a wake up call for all of us to be more careful and mindful of our choices. With concerns about climate change under our belt, it's only essential that we choose neon signs that are eco-friendly. So instead of using traditional glass neon light, GIGA NEON is conscious about the materials used. Neon signs are made of clear plastic and LED lights. These materials are safe for kids and they also have low energy usage.

It's handcrafted in Australia.

Having a team of skilled and talented craftspeople, GIGA NEON ensures all neon lights are painstakingly crafted. With a combination of experience, knowledge and tools, all neon signs are made to a high standard.

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