How to Select the Best Neon Sign for Your Needs?

Deciding to decorate your retail or living space can be challenging. This is why neon signs are one of the best decorating options to consider because they effortlessly beautify any space. The task of decorating your space becomes daunting when you don't know which design to choose.

Luckily, customised led neon signs will give you some inspiration so you can achieve your styling goals. It's true that with neon signs, one size doesn't fit all.

The reasons many companies like Giga Neon, are offering customisation is to allow customers to get products aligned with their personal preferences. In choosing a neon sign, there are criteria that should be kept in mind.

The Different Types of Neon Signs

Not sure which neon signs suit your space? You might want to start with familiarising yourself with different types of neon signs:

Led Neon Signs-these are traditional neon signs made of glass tubes filled with gases. This type of neon sign can be moulded into your desired shapes. They are lit using a power source and if you want to display multiple colours, using RGB LED lights will illuminate your sign however you like.

Halo-Lit Neon signs-You'll know you have a halo-lit neon sign because they have a distinguished look. Even from a distance, these signs are readable. Halo-lit signs can be read even from a distance. They're also suitable for indoor and recognisable because of their distinct design. While more expensive than traditional neon signs, they are more versatile and durable.

Neon Signs - The Ultimate Guide on How to Choose and Install Them Effectively

Whether you're considering neons for business or for your living space, installing them properly is essential.

1. Choose the neon sign you'd like to install.

2. Pick the right location. It should be a well-lit area where your neon signs will be highly visible even from a distance.

3. If you're going to mount your neon signs, the area needs to be clean and free of any wax or oils.

Neon Sign Manufacturers and Quality to Consider

Buy a neon sign online. Get in touch with Giga Neon to have your neon signs customised. 

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