Top 4 Tips To Keep Your Neon Signs Well-Maintained

Neon signs, while built to last, still need to be well-maintained so they're in mint condition for many years to come. Maintaining neon signs isn't a tedious job. There are only a few steps required so your neon signs stays attractive.

1. Pick the right location

Before you decide to purchase a neon sign, you should first decide where to place them. From a buyer's perspective, highly visible neon signs are going to attract attention, but you also have to make sure that the location is safe and secure, preventing people from bumping on your neon signs. Protect neon signs from harsh elements like heat and wetness.

2. Clean signs frequently

Neon signs may require less maintenance but they still need to be cleaned regularly because they also collect dust. When cleaning neon signs, you'll need to turn off the lights. Use dry tissue and alcohol for cleaning neon signs so they look shiny and dust-free.

3. Leave neon signs plugged

It's normal for neon signs to show signs of wear and tear but unplugging them more often than usual can cause damage sooner than expected. If you need to unplug neon signs, do it only after cleaning or repairing.

4. Keep neon signs away from bugs

If your neon signs are placed outdoors, bugs will get attracted to them because of the light. If left unchecked, neon signs can become breeding ground for bugs. Get rid of bugs by cleaning neon signs frequently or installing bug zappers.

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