Top 5 Tips For Driving Engagement With Outdoor Neon Sign

Outdoor neon signs only evolve for the past decades, but one thing is for sure, they will never become obsolete because they are widely used in all kinds of businesses to increase engagement. All you need to do is to make sure that you send a clear message to your potential customers so you can boost interaction.

GIGA NEON has a creative team of experts to provide you with beautiful and stylish signage for your business. There are lots of neon signs to choose from depending on your industry. With plenty of options, you can drive more traffic to your retail space. Here are top tips to maximise the effectiveness of neon signs in driving engagement.

Less is more

Keeping things short and simple captures potential customers' interest. Be sure that your message is clear and concise. Use simple language and sentences should not exceed one to three sentences. Include a powerful call to action so people will be inspired to engage.

Be mindful of the size

Outdoor neon signs should be visible. People should easily see them or you'll defeat the purpose of having it. The bigger your neon sign, the better. It should also be placed in a visible location.

Choose bright colours and text

As mentioned, neon signs focus on visibility. Customers shouldn't struggle with finding your sign wherever you place your sign. Customers can spot your retail space if you have a large neon sign.

Seek help from professionals

A custom outdoor sign for your retail space requires neon sign experts. At GIGA NEON, you can rely on our artists in creating the most effective signs that can enhance business growth and drive engagement.

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