What Makes Neon Signs A Perfect Home Decor

Neon signs can be mounted or hung anywhere and with its unique design and style, you can never go wrong with neon signs. They're not only intended for illuminating your room because they also colour and life. Whether you want a quote, an art or just a simple image, a dull room will become more attractive with neon signs.

GIGA NEON has a wide range of fun and bright colours that will enable you to express yourself. These colours and designs will be a perfect addition to your room. If you prefer funny messages or sayings, GIGA NEON can make these neon signs for you. Any choice of art that will make your room stand out will be possible.

Since people have different preferences, you can talk to our team of neon sign experts so you can discuss how you want your neon signs to be made. Whether you want a touching or comedic quote, there's always a great option aligned with your taste and budget.

As for the costs, neon signs are reasonably priced. You'll be glad to know that neon signs only consume less than 100 watts and others are only using less than 60 watts. With that said, it's unlikely that you'll see a dramatic increase in your electricity bill. The neon tubing that the signs are made off also last for up to 10 years.

Hanging neon signs is also easy. There's also an option to mount them on the wall. They make a perfect home decor because they can be displayed anywhere in your home. It brighten a space in your house. It can be displayed in the living area, kitchen, entryway, or bedroom. When installing neon signs, a standard mains plug will suffice.

They can be installed into any socket in your home as long as it's accessible. It's important that neon signs are fixed onto the wall or hung by suspending them on a chain. The option to hang it will depend on the sign's weight and size.

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