Why A Custom Neon Sign Gets Customers' Attention?

They're everywhere. You can see them in bar, restaurants, shops and all types of retail spaces. We can't deny that neon signs have taken businesses by storm. Being around for decades, their effect on our businesses is undeniable. From their bright colours to fun designs, we can say that custom neon signs bring a drab-looking space back to life.

For businesses that are looking for a stand out shop feature that will make customers curious, neon signs are a sure-fire hit. While there are lots of style and designs to choose from, it's also important to choose neon signs that will resonate with the brand of your business. So before you get started, you'll need to ask yourself what your business is about, what your objective is and what you want to achieve.

GIGA NEON gives you limitless options. You can choose the colours you want, the design that suits your business and the message you wish to convey. Some prefer to use their logos, while others can get more creative. It depends on how you want to present your business to potential and existing customers.

One thing you'll appreciate about neon signs is its cost-effectiveness. For a one-off cost, you can get around the clock promotion that will dramatically improve your business. For businesses that are in dire need of recognition, the glow that neon signs are capable of providing will catch the eyes of customers. Neon signs also improve the vibe in your retail space.

There are lots of elements you have to consider when choosing a neon sign to make sure you don't miss out on a single opportunity to entice your customers.


Just because you have a neon sign doesn't mean that you'll instantly attract your customers. When your goal is to advertise your retail space outdoors, you'll need a bigger neon sign that customers can easily see. Neon signs are powerful, but only when you know the exact size that can capture people's attention.

Colour and Design

Another essential factor you'll have to consider is the design or colour. You'll need to be specific with your font style, design and colour so you can get the neon signage that will reflect your brand's core values. When choosing colours, be sure that it matches your brand's logo.

Neon Sign Company

You can't just entrust your neon signage needs to anyone. Not all companies is right for your needs. When choosing a custom design, you'll need a company that has your best interest in mind.

Get in touch with GIGA NEON so we can discuss choices that work for your brand.

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