Please take time to read through our Terms and Conditions thoroughly and ensure you understand them before you place an order.


Section 1 - General Conditions

To be eligible to use the Giga Neon website, you represent that you are at least the age of majority in your state or province of residence. If you visit and purchase products at Giga Neon on behalf of a company, entity, or organization, you must be an authorized representative authorized to be bound by these terms and conditions.

Also, these Terms and Conditions are subject to change without notification by us.



SECTION 2 – Price Policy

For all orders, you acknowledge that the product will not start production until we receive full payment. By accepting of the quotation of Giga Neon, you acknowledge that your order is subject to these Terms and Conditions and agree to be bound by them. All quotation is valid for 30 days, and subject to our reply to your final request. You are solely responsible for any infringement or infringement of intellectual property rights related to the design in the final offer you provide to us. The prices of our products are subject to change without notice.


Section 3 – Turnaround Time

All products listed in our website store, as well as some custom orders, are produced by order production time (excluding VIP urgent orders).

We will make all reasonable effort to ensure that your product arrives at your designated address within 7-20 business days from the date of full payment. However, we make no guarantees as external issues can arise that are not in our control (such as shipping delays by third-party logistics providers).


Section 4 - Warranty

You acknowledge that we have expressly informed you that the product you have purchased is for indoor or outdoor use. If you use a product intended for indoor use for outdoor, we will not be responsible or liable for it.


Installation of the Product is your responsibility, and you accept any liability, including all costs, associated with damage arising from installation. (Except for door-to-door installation services provided by Giga Neon)

You acknowledge that you have carefully read the information on the relevant product on the website or receive adequate instruction on the correct use of the products before delivery and accept any liability, including all costs, associated with repair or replacement of the Products as a result of incorrect use.

We offer a one-year manufacturer's warranty for indoor products & a three-month manufacturer's warranty for outdoor products. This covers failures caused by reasonable use of the product.

Final resolution for defective products, including refunds of product cost and/or shipping charges, will be determined on a case-by-case basis based on the cause of the failure.

Section 5 - Shipping Terms and Delivery & Return Policy

Giga Neon offers returns and refunds for faulty products only. We will not refund any money paid, accept any returns, or offer product replacements due to change of mind. Our product is quality checked before they are carefully packaged and sent to you.

Giga Neon is responsible for delivering the items to our clients as standard process; however, customers may be liable for the additional cost due to incorrect address or undeliverable regions provided by customers.

All our neon signs are handmade. Therefore, in some rare cases, there will be slight imperfections. Occasionally, some glue marks will be visible on the acrylic backing. You acknowledge that such marks, and in some cases slight imperfections, do not constitute a Product fault, and accept and cannot hold us liable for the potential of such occurrence.


If your item arrives damaged or you believe you have received the wrong order in the event, please refrain from using the product. We kindly ask that you take a photo and record a video within 72 hours of receiving the product and send it to