Neon Signs for your Business This Christmas - Why They're Perfect

It’s that time of year again where we feel the need to overexaggerate everything and anything. From the presents beneath the tree to the drinks in our glasses; everything needs to be brighter, bigger, and merrier. Business owners all over the world are going all out this Christmas with eye-watering decorations, crazy marketing stunts, and now even neon signage for their businesses.

That’s right. Business owners everywhere are adding neon lighting to their windows to stand out from the crowd. With so many businesses competing for attention at once, having a little something ‘extra’ on your window can make all the difference. 

For those wanting to make their businesses really stand out this Christmas, a large and brightly coloured neon sign could be just what you need. If you’re operating a retail storefront, why not invest in a large neon sign outlining your business name? Alternatively, you could place a smaller sign on your shop window. And if you really want to create a splash, you could even invest in a giant neon sign which stretches across the side of your building or even your roof!

Don’t be afraid of Colour

Neon signs are all about colour, and business owners who create neon signs for their businesses this Christmas should be careful not to shy away from this fact. Neon signs can be made in any colour, so if you’re looking for something festive for your Christmas setup, why not go with red and green? These are two of the most festive colours around, and they’ll certainly make your business stand out.

Add a touch of festivity with installation art

Installing neon signs is the best way to bring Christmas to your business, but what if you want to add a bit of festivity without being “too Christmas”? In these cases, installation art could come to your rescue! Rather than opting for a neon sign, which could get annoying after a while, why not install something a little less obvious?

You could install some specially-made Christmas lights which respond to your music, or perhaps have a snow machine installed outside your business. These are fantastic ways to bring a touch of Christmas to your business without being over-the-top.


Neon signs are a fantastic way to bring a little Christmas cheer to your business this season. Whether you want to go all out and create a giant neon sign, or you want to add a touch of festivity with installation art, there are so many options available. Whether you're looking for indoor or outdoor signage, there's sure to be a sign that works for your business. With so many businesses competing for attention at once, having a little something 'extra' on your window could make all the difference.

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