Party Neon Signs

Celebrating a birthday, an anniversary or just a happy Friday? Your party could use a little oomph from our party neon signs! At Giga Neon, we’re in the business of helping you turn an ordinary celebration into an extraordinary extravaganza with fun LED neon signs. They are a perfect addition to your parties and can serve as a backdrop for your guests to take pictures and make memories.

Browse our collection of party neon signs at Giga Neon

Every party deserves a touch of brilliance — and our diverse assortment of LED neon signs deliver just that. We have every design you can think of, from 

‘Happy Birthday’ neon signs to engagement party signs in Australia. If you’re looking for a way to wow your guests or elevate the theme of your event, choose from our many options of party neon signs, including: 

  • Birthday signs for parties — Turning 21? We have a sign for that! Choose from our numerical or text greeting signs to add excitement to important birthday celebrations. 
  • Food signs — Indulge your guests with our novelty food signs to highlight the spread at your party. We have party neon signs depicting ramen, pub food, fried chips, pizza, burgers and more to make your party food look even more appealing
  • Text signs — Make a statement with our text signs that convey your emotions, humour or event theme. Whether it’s “You’re My Favourite” or “Til Death Do Us Party,” our neon signs add a unique touch to your decor. 
  • Symbolic signs — Symbols speak volumes and our neon peace sign, lips, crown and finger heart signs are perfect for expressing your mood or style. 
  • Wedding or engagement party signs — For the most important days of your relationship, our party neon signs make a grand statement. Choose from “Just Married,” “Better Together,” or “Crazy in Love” to add a romantic and magical touch to your engagement, wedding or anniversary.

Customise party neon signs to your liking

Every event is unique, and we want to help you create that! We’ve made our party neon signs customisable to ensure you have the perfect decor to complement the theme of your party. When you select your preferred sign, you can choose from the following options:

  • Size — Our party neon signs are typically available in two to three sizes, with options that vary per sign. For example, our “Let’s Party” sign comes in 700 x 328mm, 1000 x 470mm and 1200 x 563mm sizes, while our pizza icon is available in 438 x 500mm, 694 x 800mm and 864 x 1000mm sizes.
  • Colour swatches — Select from an array of vibrant colours to match your theme and decor, with options such as orange, white and ice blue.
  • Backboard shape — Choose between cut-to-shape for a seamless design and a whole board style if you want your party neon sign to be a centrepiece of your event.
  • Installation — Opt for wall mounting, hanging or no install kit, depending on your convenience and venue setup. 
  • Sign usage type — Our party neon signs can be made suitable for both indoor and outdoor areas, with waterproof options available for outdoor celebrations.
  • Dimmer and remote — Customise the brightness of your “Happy Birthday” neon sign or your novelty food symbol with an additional dimmer and remote control package.
  • Rush order service — Need your engagement party sign in a hurry? Take advantage of our rush order service, and we’ll have your creation ready in as little as five working days! If you’re not in a rush, our standard production time is 7 to 15 days after full payment. 

What we guarantee with our party neon signs

• Sustainable party neon signs 

When you choose Giga Neon, you’re choosing style but also sustainability. Our LED neon signs are a lightweight, eco-friendly alternative to traditional glass neon lights. We craft each sign from clear plastic and use energy efficient LED lights. With an expected lifetime of 10 years, our party neon signs are an investment in both style and durability. 

• Proudly Australian made

We take pride in being an Australian company, and all our party neon signs are crafted locally! Support local craftsmanship and quality when you shop from our store.

• Warranty for peace of mind

To ensure your satisfaction, we offer a 12-month warranty for each of our party neon signs. We want you to have peace of mind knowing you’ve invested in a high-quality product that you can reuse for many parties to come.

Order your dream party neon sign at Giga Neon

Whether you’re looking for birthday, holiday or engagement party signs in Australia, you can find what you need at Giga Neon. Shop our range of party neon signs below and turn your party into an unforgettable spectacle!

Need other designs for party neon signs? You can browse our entire collection of neon signs and discounted signs, or design your own with our custom neon signs! For any questions, please leave a message on our contact page or check our about us section.

Frequently asked questions

Can I customise my party neon sign?

Of course! Each of our designs can be personalised based on the size, colour swatch, installation type and more. However, if you want a design from scratch, you can also coordinate with our team to create a custom neon sign that reflects your vision.

How do I install and use my party neon sign?

Depending on the installation kit of your choosing, you can mount your party neon sign on the wall, suspend it from a ceiling or display it without additional hardware. Then, simply plug it into a standard electrical outlet and enjoy! We also provide an option to add a dimmer and remote control so that you can adjust the brightness of your sign.