Why Neons Signs Are Immensely Popular During Christmas - And How You Can Use This Trend For Your Business

These days, digital marketing drives most businesses; naturally, with all the social media updates and apps available today, it’s no wonder why. But what about that other type of marketing that can’t be ignored?

If you are not familiar with the term yet, ‘neon signs’ or ‘neon lights’ remain as a century-old emblem of business establishments. In this blog post, we will be discussing everything you need to know about neon signs including their history and the different kinds available today. Then we will tackle how you can use them for your business during Christmas time.

Why Are Neon Signs So Popular During Christmas?

There are a few reasons why neon signs are the most popular during the Christmas season.

Firstly, neon signs have a retro, nostalgic feel to them that brings out the child in all of us – especially during Christmas when everything is just so much more magical.

Secondly, neon signs are eye-catching; even if you can’t read what’s written on the sign, you will still be drawn to it because of the bright and vibrant colours. Neon signs can help increase your sales by 33%.

This is because neon signs can catch your eye from a distance, which is especially useful for businesses located on busy streets. Since neon signs attract your attention, they can also be used to convey a certain message to your customers. Neon signs are proven to be effective tools for advertising, so it’s no wonder they are so popular during the Christmas season.

Different Types of Neon Signs

Single-line signs- Single-line signs are used to highlight your brand without distracting customers with too much information. They are a great option if you only have a few services or products to promote.

Channel letters or wall-mounted signs - These signs are designed to stand out, so they are perfect if you have a lot of information to share. Channel letters are the best option if you want to change the message on your sign on a regular basis.

Outlined signs - These signs have a retro look that is very popular during Christmas. If you want to draw attention to your brand but also want to keep the vintage look, outlined signs are the perfect choice.

Tube signs - Tube signs are more modern and sleek than neon signs, but they are very similar in many ways. If your business has a modern look and feel, a tube sign might be the perfect choice for you.

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